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paulo delgado 1.jpg


My colourful geometric style of painting is highly identifiable, unique and distinctive. My paintings reflect my skills and knowledge acquired over 20 years in the profession of Graphic Design. I utilize my extensive experience in this area of expertise to create beautiful and unforgettable art.


I have worked diligently over the years to perfect my technique in the medium of acrylic.


I like the simplification of form and shapes created in a poster-like feeling. The face is the mirror of the soul and with it, we can understand the state of mind. The simplification of the face is done on purpose.  It is incredibly challenging to use shapes and colour to transmit what is in your soul.


Some of my favourite themes include landscapes. and the Portuguese ethnography. The ethnography (traditions, customs and behaviour of peoples) in areas of Portugal and Mozambique continue to captivate and humble me.

I also enjoy exploring the colours of the Manitoba prairies. The light of the skies fascinates me and inspires me, especially sunsets.


I incorporate geometric shapes in the background’s contrasts with the main figures in the foreground as if it were a set of a play. The use of strong colours and different nuances is a constant in my work.


Painting for me is a stress reliever which allows me to relax and find balance in my everyday life. I want to tell stories through my painting.

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